A Soft-Story building is a multi-story structure built with a first floor that is much less rigid (soft) than the floors above, such as in an apartment with tuck under parking. They can and have failed in significant seismic activity due to un-reinforced openings on the ground floor, which caused far more movement than the soft story building could withstand, resulting in the upper floors collapsing on top of it.


In 2015, the City of Los Angeles signed into law, the Mandatory Retrofit Program under Ordinance 183893, requiring the retrofitting of wood-frame apartment buildings to withstand a major earthquake. Structures that are in danger of catastrophic damage in the event of an earthquake are required to comply with the retrofit ordinance.


Sturdy Builds will design, engineer, acquire the permitting needed, notify tenants, retrofit the structure and obtain final sign off all in-house.

  • Free Site Evaluation and Estimate

    We will schedule an inspection, discuss all possible retrofit option, their impact on the existing structures, and estimate costs for engineering and construction.

  • Engineering Design

    We will provide engineering analysis for the existing structure and drawings for implementation.

  • Permit Issuance & THP

    We will prepare drawings for a permit, submit all documentation to the building department for review including the preliminary meeting, formal submittal, and house habitability plan and obtain approval.

  • Tenant Management

    We will handle all tenant communications informing them of parking schedules, construction notices and any other questions they may have and make sure they have a satisfying experience with the least amount of invasion to their daily lives.

  • Construction Services & Full Compliance

    We will construct, retrofit the structure, and obtain final sign off with the City.

  • Cost Recovery

    We will file the necessary paperwork for the Cost Recovery Program that allows the owner of the building to recover up to 50% of retrofit costs from the tenants.

Sturdy Builds is committed to bringing your building up to L.A.’s strict building codes managed by the best contractors, engineers and project managers at the best price.

Call us today at 1-833-STURDYB (788-7392) and get a free inspection to learn what actions are required to comply with the ordinance and get your building certified.


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