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As of January 1, 2020, it has become easier than ever to build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in California. New 2020 California Law allows property owners to add ADUs to multi-family zoned properties. The new law allows for a minimum of one (1) ADU per property, but a maximum of one (1) ADU per four (4) existing units.

Sturdy Builds specializes in multi-family ADU conversions while complying with your city’s retrofit ordinance. Turn storage closets, laundry rooms, carports, pools, and tuck-under parking into additional rental income.

Sturdy Builds
Sturdy Builds


New units, with finishes comparable to new construction incur a cost that is significantly lower than the additional property value they create, especially if this work can be done at the same time as other building improvements such as complying with the retrofit mandate.

In buildings with underutilized garages or storage areas, ADUs are an excellent way to generate additional income off the space you already own, often while making improvements to the building that will benefit your tenants in the existing units.


Sturdy Builds handles the process of building your ADU from design, engineering, acquiring necessary permits and constructing an ADU ready to rent.


We will meet at your property for an onsite inspection to establish the amount of ADUs allowed by law. We will review and provide a general build costs including architectural, engineering and construction.


Our design team will provide floor plans, materials, finishes to get the best return from your investment.


It should take 60 days for the city to approve the submitted plans depending on their workload and Covid-19 limitations.


As a Design + Build company, we communicate directly with our design team, project manager and construction crews. During the permit process, we secure the building materials, schedule deliveries and prepare the crew. We build with highest standard in the industry, handle all inspections with the City and complete the work in a timely manner.


Once approved by the City, we obtain the Certificate of Occupancy and the unit(s) is ready for a prospective tenant.

Sturdy Builds will provide full plans complete the unit including plumbing, electrical, walls, HVAC, roof, ceilings, and floors at the best price. Additional finish work contracted for countertops, fixtures, and flooring are not included.

Call us today at 1-833-STURDYB (788-7392) and get a free inspection to get started with your return on investment.

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